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Saturday, February 12, 2011

8 More Big-Ass Record-Breaking Foods

In March 2010, we brought you 15 Big-Ass Record-Breaking Junk Foods. Now, we present you with more food stuffs that go beyond satisfying a craving, they could make you never want to look at food ever again.  In fact, if you ever did finish any of these items on your own you might start to question life’s bigger questions as you slip into the deepest food coma ever. Nonetheless, just seeing some of these magnified staples of ingestion might give you an equally large appetite – reader beware.


The world’s largest burger was created for a promotional event by Phoenix Seagaia Resort in Japan.  It weighs 300 pounds.  The bun looks a little strange though.  Maybe let America have a shot at this record next time, Japan.


What do you out on the largest sandwich in the world? Ham and cheese.  Peanut butter and jelly would have been too messy.  Plus, PB&J is not a common combo in Mexico where the record is currently held.  The Bimbo bread company made the sandwich 6,991 pounds.  Too bad they did not make a massive bowl of tomato soup to dunk it in.


Making the world’s largest omelette is simple. All you need is 110,000 eggs, 80 chefs, and a 30 foot frying pan.  Luckily for the Turkish Egg Producers Association, they had plenty.  To celebrate World Egg Day and promote eggs as a healthy source of food, the association staged the creation of the giant omelette in October, 2010.

Gingerbread House

The holidays have passed but a giant gingerbread house still sounds delicious.  The Mall of America hosted this 20,000 pound gingerbread mansion back in 2006.  Roger Pelcher is to thank for this uniquely American giant – he is the gingerbread artist that designed and produced the life-sized creation.

Wok of Stir-fry

I do not remember ever having anything as good and stir fry when I was eating in my high school lunches in the cafeteria. Let alone so much of it that I could go back for seconds, but high schoolers in Wesvalia, South Africa managed to fry up 2320 pounds of the delicious asian dish in October, 2005.

Chunk of Fudge

This must have been a girl’s idea.  The two male chefs must have had girlfriends or wives that really needed chocolate that week.  With the help of students at Lansing Community College in Michigan chefs William Nicklosovich and “Peppermint” Jim Crosby poured 5,200 pounds of fudge into a custom wooden mold.

Batch of Nachos

The world’s biggest batch of nachos come to us from Melbourne, Australia which is strange because they do not have American football to watch while they eat them.  Someone should do an experiment to see if nachos taste as good while watching rugby.  Either way, it would take a huge team of big dudes to finish off all 2,774 pounds of nachos.  They had to bring in heat lamps to melt all the cheese.  Makes you just want to jump on top of them and roll around.

Bowl of Spaghetti

The last record is only the second American-held record on the list.  What happened to the USA being the land of gluttony and excess?  Next weekend grab all your friends and break a record for America. This massive bowl of America’s favorite pasta was made in Garden Grove, California and contains 13,780 pounds of spaghetti noodles.  Anyone else have that swimming in spaghetti fantasy from when you were a kid?

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