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Friday, February 11, 2011

Best Hosting Sites for WordPress

Literally millions of people use WordPress as their content management system for the blogs and websites.  While there are other choices out there, WordPress is the easiest to use and has the most functionality.  And, because it is so popular, there are lots of themes available to make your WordPress website all your own.  But what hosting services are most compatible with WordPress?

Blue Host

Blue Host has been in the website hosting business since 1996, and in that amount of time they have managed to create one of the easiest-to-use, most cost-effective, best-supported hosting services available.  They had around 945,000 domain names as of February 2010, and they continue to grow because of their stellar customer service and affordable hosting plans.
>>Blue Host –

Just Host

Just Host
Just Host is known their great technical support, an attribute that goes a long way to inspire confidence, even in a new company like theirs.  They are based in London with a few offices here in the U.S., and I guess they’ve studied on what NOT to do, because they get great ratings and reviews.
>>Just Host –

Host Monster

Host Monster is a subsidiary company to Blue Host, because Blue Host got big and wanted to be able to serve more customers.  Host Monster currently supports over 475,000 domains, and they leverage the expertise and best practices of their parent company to provide excellent technical support, customer service, and a slew of great tools and features.
>>Host Monster –

Super Green Hosting

Super Green
UK-based, Super Green Hosting is very concerned with the environment, so they only use environmentally-friendly equipment and their office practices practice environmentally responsible behavior.  They only offer one plan, but it  is fine for a small to medium website and they offer incentives along with a fair pricing structure.
>>Super Green –

Host Gator

One of the most popular and widely-used hosting providers, Host Gator hosts over one million domains and houses 5000 servers in their Houston headquarters.  Their technical support is unparalleled, and despite a recent technical problem that caused some outages, their otherwise unblemished record shows that they are plenty reliable.  If you want to go with a great big company that knows its stuff, go with them.
>>Host Gator –

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