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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Apple iPad 3 release date and iPad 3 new features

The iPad 2 is old in the market? Most of people taking about iPad 3 and it’s new features.
Apple’s iPad is holding over 80% of the market share of the US tablet market. Not only in the US but across the world, people have gone crazy to have the new iPad 2. Although being the best tablet ever, Apple’s followers are still looking for an even greater iPad 3 and eagerly exploring the Internet for “iPad 3 release date.” Nowadays, numerous rumors about iPad 3 are being spread in the market.
“DigiTimes“said that; iPad 3 release date have been scheduled somewhere around in 2012, But based on various other resources talking it will be release on September 2011. May be you still not buy iPad 2 because of high price rate,I will tell good news for you. According to various sources reviews, Apple going to dropped down the selling price of iPad 3.

iPad 3 New  Features

NFC Chips in iPad 3
NFC technology is already set to be included in the iPhone 5 which is a concept where by the iPhone itself can take control of near by Macs so that you do not need to be working on multiple devices to get your work done. Since the iPad is a bigger device that makes working more feasible. This feature will be very handy to iPad 3 users.
USB / Thunderbolt port
As much as the Apple disappoints the general public with iPads that are lacking with USB ports. It looks like the new version might come with it eventually. Tell tale signs come from the codes in the i-OS 5 for iPads actually features support for USB devices.
Cloud computing
Apple has already started its cloud service and thus incorporating this feature into the newer iPads is nothing strange or suprising. After all its MobileMe service is nothing alien to Apple users.

Improved camera
The previous camera that comes with the iPad 2 don’t seem to be as impressive as the one with iPhone 4. And yet it also lacks flash. Thus the iPad 3 may come with a camera and also flash LED.
Carbon Fibre chassis
Apple has always tried to make its devices with light weight But how do you make something even lighter when it is already so thin and light? Apple’s actions in hiring carbon fibre hired a carbon fibre expert, Kevin Kenney should shed some light that they have the intention to use carbon fibre as the solution.

3D feature and Retina Disply
News mentions that  Apple iPad 3 will display the 3D view .It is too early to argue about the 3D features of the iPad 3. On the other hand, the market LG Optimus claims can record videos in 3D and output through the HDMI port to 3D TV. Foxconn mention the upcoming  iPad will provide 3D feature.
Also according to various rumours, iPad 3 has Retina disply which was absent in previous iPad, but iPhones are using this display and  ipad 3 resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels.

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