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Friday, February 11, 2011

Best Old Fashioned Country Stores

Ever been to an old fashioned country store? Country stores are some of my favorite places to shop. You’ll always find high quality items and whatever you choose will bring back sweet memories. Whether you are looking for something practical or fun, you’ll enjoy the great selection at these old fashioned country stores we’ve found for you. Best of all, you’ll find something for everyone. So if you are looking for delicious treats, warm and cozy clothing, fun toys for the kids or useful things for your home you can find them at these great country stores. Enjoy our best old fashioned country stores!

Raus Country Store

Raus Country Store
This is a very charming old country store online, you can almost imagine walking down the aisles and seeing all the treats for sale. Look at the lace & textiles, hex signs and nostalgic items especially for items you just aren’t going to find anywhere else. For the holidays they have charming holiday miniatures available. So many charming items here, perfect for gifts or to add that special touch to your home. A must-visit and certain you’ll go back and back again!
Enjoy this country store

Vermont Country Store

When people think of old fashioned country stores this is one of the biggest online stores they do think of. Popular favorites you’ll want to preview here include their Lanz of Salzburg sleepwear for women and children, variety of bedroom slippers, old-fashioned cosmetics (Tangee lipstick–and rouge) and fragrances (Evening in Paris, Emeraude, Joy). 100% finish-free cotton sheets. Also so charming and sweet are their delicious treats (especially holiday treats) that will make you smile when reminded of days long ago.
Enjoy this country store

Lehman’s Country Store

This website’s motto for the holidays is to “Think outside the mall.” We have to smile along and to agree. This is a great website if you are looking for an old fashioned country store. Find popular favorites such as hand-cut steel nails, hand-operated tools and appliances; wood stoves, gas refrigerators, hand-operated washing machines, composting toilets. A wide variety of replacement parts for kerosene and other oil lamps. This store was originally started to help the Amish and is known for their great quality.
Enjoy this country store

End of the Commons General Store

End of the Commons Store
This is the website of Ohio’s largest general store. There is a lot to see and enjoy here. End of the Commons General Store was founded in Mesopotamia Ohio in 1840 to serve Amish communities; the store is on the National Register of Historic Places. Specialties onsite include delicious, old fashioned country meats, cheeses, and dairy products. Catalog products you’ll find include Iowa-made Rada cutlery, bulk baking mixes, and reproductions of antique pencil sharpeners and tea infusers.
Enjoy this country store

Mast General Store

Mast General Store
You’ll find brick and mortar stores for Mast throughout North Carolina but if you can’t get there – enjoy shopping at their website. It is friendly and quite appealing. Mast has a large brand-line of jams and jellies includes a number of southern specialties: corn-cob, moonshine, and scuppernong. These are delicacies you just aren’t going to find everywhere – and if you are like most of us, they’ll transport you to a fond time whenever you taste them. A special favorite is their large collection of fine handmade toys: including the preacher and the bear, lumberjack, Jacob’s ladder, and wooden spinning tops.
Enjoy this great country store

Jack’s Country Store

Now this is “the biggest hardware store in the world” according to their site. We know a lot of folks who would find that very appealing. But don’t be fooled, t his Ocean Park WA store has several non-hardware specialties: find an extensive stock and variety of Kewpie dolls and possibly the largest stock of old fashioned oil cloth (over 60 patterns and solid colors), by the yard and by the bolt. A great country store to enjoy – and so much more!
Enjoy this great country store

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