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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Floating Islands

Floating Islands Uros Indians

If you stand on any of the 48 floating islands in Lake Titicaca, is felt as the earth moves under your feet. Like walking on water or plyvesh on this spongy surface.
Long uros tribe of Indians still live on huge reed boats, but then they built artificial islands, which obzhili starting from the XIV century. This was a vital necessity. In this way urosy avoided meetings with the Aymara Indians, the Incas and the Spanish conquistadors.
Layers of sugar cane, called tortora, mixed with black and the roots of plants, and the island naturally floats on water. Every month, a man involved in that replaces the old sgnivshy because of contact with the water layer to a new, also wreathed of the cane. In huts and boats are also a limited shelf life.

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