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Sunday, November 21, 2010

San Fermin Festival 2009 in Pamplona

Spain has always been famous as an incredible tourist spot. In Northern Spain, San Fermin is a festival of Spain and is held every year on July 6 at Pamplona, a small city in Navarre. This year San Fermin festival of 2009 has started on July 6 at afternoon and there was huge crowd around Town Hall to celebrate this festival. During this festival there are numbers of activities and events to enjoy and the closing ceremony will be on July 14.

The Pamplona party started with the firing of a small rocket called the “chupinazo” and then it lead to a huge celebration with live music, champagne and plenty of music. Most of the people who take part in this festival wears traditional white pants and shirts with a red neckerchief tied at the front. All of them were covered with abundant amount of sparkling wine, sangria and other drinks. Residents poured buckets of water over the crowd from their balconies.

The San Fermin festival is known around the world for its running of the bulls. The first bull running of this year is on Tuesday. Each run will take place at 8:00 a.m. till July 14. After keeping record since 1924, approximately 13 people had been killed in the running of the bulls and the last victim was 22 years old, an American who gored to death in 1995.

The photos of the San Fermin festival are so wonderful that you will think that you should also go there and celebrate this festival and enjoy it. See some photos of the festival here:

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