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Monday, March 28, 2011

Anna Chapman Lingerie (VIDEO, PHOTO) Launches 3D Production Company

Real-life "femme fatale" Anna Chapman, who is known for her sexy spy allegations in the media, has revealed to BBC that she plans to launch her own production company in the very near future. Anna Chapman, now living in Moscow, was a Russian national who was recently convicted in America of conspiracy to act as a secret agent gathering intelligence for a foreign government. Chapman was deported back to Russia along with nine other individuals in the July Russia-United States Prisoner Swap.
Since her arrest became public, Chapman, a rather beautiful woman, became known in the US tabloids as a "femme fatale". She left the United States a spy, and entered back into Russia a sex symbol. Scantily-clad in a blue top and panties, Anna posed brandishing a deadly weapon and killer sex-appeal for Maxim Magazine last year. Her fiery red hair and pale green eyes landed her on Maxim's list of Russia's 100 sexiest women.

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