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Friday, February 11, 2011

Best Sci Fi Book Review Sites

If you are a reader of science fiction, perhaps you already know of these science fiction book review sites. If you are not such a reader, perhaps reading these review sites will spark your interest, opening you up to a whole genre of fiction you’ve previously not experienced.  So, here are some sites to get you started.

SF Book Reviews

SF Book Reviews
This site is not-for-profit, and devoted to providing well-thought-out reviews of science fiction and fantasy books.  Not only do they read a book fully before they review it (you’d be surprised how many reviewers don’t) but they also support new writers and self-published writers.
>>SF Book Reviews –

Future Fiction

Future Fiction
This site is home to three very experienced reviewers who present their reviews in a consistent format, so it’s an easy-to-navigate site, and they review authors in addition to the book reviews.  They also have a section for “News and Rumors” and a mailing list so you don’t miss a single review.
>>Future Fiction –

SF Site

SF Site
This site not only reviews science fiction and fantasy novels,  but also science fiction in audio and other media.  With a staff of over 25 contributing authors, several contributing editors, and a dedicated forum administrator, these folks are serious about their sci fi and fantasy.
>>SF Site –

SFF World

SFFF World
This site covers literature, movies, games, comics, and more.  It also boasts a very robust forum for the categories of fantasy, science fiction, horror, writing, authors, tv and film, and games.  There isn’t a lot of information available on the people behind this great site, but it is great.  Take my word for it.
>>SFF World –

SF Reviews

SF Reviews
This site has a groovy feature where you can search by author, title, publication year, and rating.  They not only review new science fiction and fantasy novels, but also the classics, and older less-known works.  You can also submit your own science fiction and fantasy novel for review on the site.
>>SF Reviews –

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