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Friday, February 11, 2011

Best Photo Sites

Interested in photography? It’s a digital age and today it’s easier than ever to be interested in photography. Everyone we know it seems has a fancy digital camera. If you’re looking for ways to share your photos, learn new photography tips or just develop a stronger love of photography – we’ve got some great sites for you. Here are some of our favorite photo sites!


This is one of my favorite photo sites because it reminds you that the photographer is more important than the tools. While some can fall in love with camera gadgets, this site reminds you that the photographer behind the camera is the one creating that stunning photo. Check out their beginner’s section and their guide to buying a digital camera.
>>See a great photography site at Photography

About Photography
You’ll find a lot of great information here. Not just all about digital cameras too! Learn the basics and more advanced tips. Something for photographers at all levels, explained in a friendly and very approachable manner. Lots of photographs to help explain tips step by step.
>>See a great photography site at

Digital Photo

This is the site for Digital Photo magazine. While they are a print magazine they have a lot of online features to offer you. Find great articles about everything that would interest someone with a digital camera. From camera reviews, software, how to tips and contests.
>>See a great photography site at

Professional Photographer Magazine

You’ll find this site of interest if you love photography. Even if you aren’t a professional photographer, it is cool to see the tips and hints that professional photographers are given to take great photographs. Professional photographers often use different equipment, but if you love photography you may want to upgrade what you are taking photos with.
>>See a great photography site at


This is one of the most popular photography sharing sites around. You can choose to let other people use their photos on their blogs and in other forms – or simply to enjoy your photos on the site. Both professional and amateur photographers use Flickr to connect and talk about their favorite passion: photography!
>>See a great photography site at

If you love taking photographs, you may want to share them with others. is a royalty free stock photo website where both professional and amateur photographers place their photos for people to use (see the potential uses at their website). A fun way to connect with others and see your photography used in a variety of ways.
>>See a great photography site at

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