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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Students looking to explore their educational and career interests can now tap into a new online resource——Singapore’s first interactive web-based Education and Career Guidance (ECG) portal for students. This portal is a welcomed aid for teachers and counselors in Singapore.
Using various profiling instruments available on the portal, students are able to clarify their interests and aptitudes, and are provided with a range of suitable career possibilities. One such instrument is the Personal Globe Inventory, which allows students to gauge their interest and confidence levels in a range of activities. Base on their interest patterns, the portal surfaces a list of occupation choices and information on the nature of these occupations. It also directs students to a list of relevant courses offered by local and overseas tertiary institutions, hence helping students take steps towards realizing their career aspirations. All profiling results and education and career information are eventually captured in individual e-portfolios, which students can retrieve and review over time.
In addition to guiding students on career choices and courses in tertiary institutions, also gives students a head start in essential job-seeking skills. This is done through online training modules aimed at sharpening students resume-writing, interview and decision-making skills, among others.
As a web-based portal in Singapore, is easily accessible in school, at home or even in public places through the country. Teachers, career guidance coordinators and school counselors can use it to help students clarify their goals, identify their strengths and career opportunities, and then guide them toward their career aspirations. Parents can also play a more active role in their children’s education and career development process.

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