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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lim Boon Heng unconvinced about Tin Pei Ling’s abilities

Earlier on, I’ve given my observations on Tin Pei Ling on this forum.
Next, I will give my observation, as an experienced HR staff interviewing thousands of candidates ranging from lowest level to highest level, on our Minister LBH.
When he introduced TPL, watched for his mannerism and eye contact. It shows the lack of commitment and conviction from LBH that TPL is the right candidate. As a matter of fact, from his statements, it’s very clear that LBH does not know her at all. Compounded with his body language, it was so obvious that he was uncomfortable with her as a candidate as he cannot articulate with ease about her uniqueness or why she should stand for election. His introduction is so superficial with many “if”, “i don’t know” and “I think”.
It could be seen from his speech that she was chosen by LHL and not endorsed by the cabinet team. Hence, LBH also failed as a mentor. He shouldn’t take on the stage to introduce her when he’s not convince himself. Actually, it’s very surprising that PAP is not stringent in their selection criteria this time round.
Darriel Lim

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