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Friday, February 11, 2011

10 Worst Photo Manipulations

Photo manipulation is an art requiring both skill, creativity and an extraordinary imagination. Photographic prowess coupled with designing expertise gives birth to illusory images that are amazing, disturbing or both. But sometimes they really over do it. Following are ten examples of the of photo manipulation when not done right.

Iron Man
Iron Man
Artist caption: “Inspired by a German ad I saw in Berlin a couple of years ago.” Both the idea behind the manipulation and the title are very witty to say the least. Image via: alltelleringet
Triple Threat
Triple Face
Two’s company, three’s just disturbing. Image viaweb2.0-designs
Two Ladies
Two Ladies
And you thought the phrase “girl on girl” couldn’t be more literal. Image via kandrson
The Eye
The Eye
Talk about hand-eye coordination. As stated in the artist’s caption, this creepy masterpiece is a re-creation of the poster for the film The Eye. Image via Bobshaw
Male Harpy
Looks like someone is a stickybeak. Image Via  Sebastian Niedlich
Man Hand-ling
Hand Man
Weird, disturbing and amazing all at the same time, this Hand Man (or Man Hand-ling) would make a great mythical creature. Image via  Worth1000
Drawing Hands
Drawing Hands
From the artist’s caption: “Inspired by one of my favorite M.C. Escher Drawings.” Image via: Josh Sommers
Paint Dress
Paint Dress
Not a very convenient way to get dressed. Image via :
Living Tongue
Living Tongue
It’s alive! Image via :
Go your own road

Get a road! Image via: alltelleringet

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