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Friday, February 11, 2011

Top Ten Key of Awesome Song Parodies

Anyone who spends an inordinate time on YouTube should be familiar with the channel The Key of Awesome, self-described as a “weekly musical comedy show spoofing celebrities, pop-culture and the latest internet memes.” To date, their first season has 87 episodes, some being videos and others being responses or behind-the-scenes to their musical episodes. Best of all, no one is safe. Want to bug your little sister about her Justin Beiber obsession? Show her one (or both!) of their Justin Beiber spoofs! Want to hear Katy Perry sing about the real California Girls? Watch their spoof, and then see her response to it after she saw it! Not only do they spoof popular songs, they also write some original songs just to make fun of certain phenomena, such as Twilight vampires. As amazing as all of their videos are, only ten spoofs could make it on to this list. When deciding how to list these videos, its popularity (as of this writing), its likeness to the original video, and its own originality and creativity of the lyrics were taken into consideration. Hope you enjoy!

10. Black Eyed Peas (Multiple Songs)

Wait, how many members are in this group again?

9. Justin Bieber (Baby)

Pop teen sensation that has everyone waiting anxiously for puberty.

8. Adam Lambert (Whataya Want From Me?)

This one makes particularly good fun of the original video, with some clever commentary.

7. Katy Perry (Firework)

What is it about Katy Perry that says,  “My songs should always be made to reference penises”? There is a great music video of her song Peacock that makes it pretty obvious what its about, as if we didn’t already know.

6. Eminem (Not Afraid)

This song is a good lesson in being able to not take yourself so seriously. Oh, and rich people have nothing to whine about, because we know they can afford the therapy.

5. Ke$ha (We R Who We R)

Ke$ha is a dirty, dirty girl, folks. Parents, you thought you had it bad with a toddler who didn’t want a bath? I think this might be worse.

4. Eminem (Love the Way You Lie)

I will never like Eminem as much as I did during this video. Absolutely adorable!

3. Lady Gaga (Telephone)

A great video with excellent attention to detail. It makes the original that much funnier.

2. Katy Perry (California Gurls)

A really great parody, and a pretty funny behind the scenes episode as well. Watch both!

1. Ke$ha (Tik Tok)

The most popular Key of Awesome parody to date, with 59,632,401 views! I doubt that they will ever top that, but I would love to see them try.

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