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Friday, February 11, 2011

Best Craft Business Sites

Do you have a crafts business or are you thinking about starting one? Many are thinking about starting their own business today. And if you love crafts, a crafts business can be a great idea. But many starting their own crafts business need some great advice on how to get started, learn marketing and other practical business skills. Here are some of our favorite craft business sites to help you plan that successful craft business. Happy Crafting!


At ArtFire you can sell your handmade crafts. Selling crafts online has become quite popular. You can search for items according to the Markets: Handmade, Fine Art, Craft Supplies, Vintage, Design and Media or simply do a search of all items. This site is very visual with lots of great images of the crafts. A very creative site ideal for handmade crafts and artists.
Visit this craft site


At first glance you’ll probably think this site isn’t much to look at – but give them a chance. This site may not have a lot of visuals but what they do have is tons of information about running a crafts business. You’ll find information ideal for that beginner starting out or the more experienced crafts business. A great site where you can learn marketing and practical crafts business skills.
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Arts and Crafts –

Aboutcom Arts and Crafts
This site will tell you a lot about Arts and Crafts. If you are interested in starting your own Arts and Crafts business or have been in business for awhile there is a lot to learn here. Great articles about taxes, getting over a “sales slump,” and the difference between business entities. Information is explained in a friendly, easy to understand way.
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Barbara Brabec’s World

Barbara Brabec World
Okay, I’ll admit it: this is one of my favorite sites. So I’m very happy to share it with you. Ms. Brabec has written several excellent books about how to start and run your own crafts business. Her friendly and informative articles at this site offer a lot to beginning or more experienced craft business owners. The best thing about Ms. Brabec? She is both creative and a very sound business person – the ideal combination of creativity and practical business sense. Well worth a visit – or more!
Visit this craft site

My Mommy Biz – Crafts

Find business ideas for your favorite crafts, articles about the business of running your crafts business and more. This entire site has lots of information about running your own business – you’ll find lots of information about how to start or manage your current crafts business.
Visit this craft site

The Artful Crafter

The Artful Crafter is a great site to visit if you are looking to start a crafts business. It is started by someone who was downsized from the corporate world and started their own crafts business. They share their tips for success. The site itself has a great layout and reminds us that someone with an artistic mind created it. Get great tips to make your crafts business all that it can be.

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