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Friday, February 11, 2011

Best Numerology Sites

What’s in a name? Plenty! According to numerologists you can discover a great deal about a person from the numerology created from their name. Each letter has a corresponding number. Add these numbers up to a final number and you’ll learn about someone’s personality, desires and what they were meant to do for a living/passion.
Whether you swear by divination or have never used it, numerology is pretty interesting. There’s just something about seeing what your name means according to the numbers that is fun, entertaining and makes for great conversation! Try this with a group of friends or family.
If you like numerology or are curious to learn more about this divination tool, there are some great numerology sites out there. Here are some great numerology sites with information, free readings and more!


While this site isn’t the most fancy one we’ve seen – give them a chance! Try the free numerology reading and you’ll learn all about your name and get a free numerology reading. This is an excellent way to introduce yourself to numerology.
Get great numerology information here

Numerology at

Numerology at Astrology Numerology
This is an excellent site for those who are new to numerology and those who need to brush up on information. You’ll find step by step lessons in numerology. It is like taking a class online in numerology! Information is explained in a friendly and easy to understand manner. You’ll learn the basics and then move into each aspect of numerology. By completing these numerology lessons you’ll have a good understanding of what numerology is and how to use it.
Get great numerology information here

Numerology at Wikepedia

Numerology at Wikepedia
This article at Wikipedia gives great information about numerology. Learn the detailed history of numerology. Discover the different types of numerology. Understand how numerology can be used in relation to other things (astrology, alchemy and science). This article gives lots of information that will introduce you to the different forms of numerology and why numerology is important to many people.
Get great numerology information here

Façade Numerology Readings

Facade Numerology
These numerology readings are free and you’ll get lots of great information here. Some computer generated numerology readings only use your name – but Façade uses your Public Name, Birth Name, Nickname and Birth Date. All of these details are useful in creating the most in depth numerology profile for you. While numerology focuses on your birth name and birth date, the other information can be quite useful according to some numerologists.
Get great numerology information here

This is numerologist Hans Decoz’ site. Read the Dear Hans advice column. Learn about his useful numerology software and numerology readings. There is free numerology available at the site. Numerology fans can connect with each other in the numerology forums. There are also great numerology articles at this site and Hans’ blog to read.
Get great numerology information here

Sun Angel Numerology

Sun Angel Numerology
Sun Angel Numerology is a very popular numerology reading generator. Readings are free and quite detailed. You’ll be pleased with your numerology reading, there is typically more information in the Sun Angel numerology readings than in most other numerology reading generators we’ve seen so far. Their reading generator is simple to use, just type in your birth name or nickname you’d like for the numerology reading.
Get great numerology information here

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