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Friday, February 11, 2011

Best English Grammar Sites

If you’d like to brush up on your English grammar, you don’t always have to take a class or pick up a book. You can just as easily surf the ‘net to some of these great grammar sites and learn some tips to improve your skills.
Grammar is something that gets better the more you use it and practice – and these helpful websites offer tips and examples to help you understand how to use it properly. Don’t worry about falling asleep in your chair – many of these sites are fun and even a bit entertaining! Enjoy learning more about grammar and get ready to impress us with your top notch grammar!

The Guide to Grammar and Writing

This grammar website is sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation and offers many grammar worksheets for self testing or classroom use. Learn Word & Sentence Level, Paragraph Level, Essay & Research Paper Level and more. There are quizzes and a section where you can ask your own grammar questions. A very useful website about grammar.
Learn about grammar here

Grammar Girl – Quick and Dirty Tips

Now if you think grammar is boring, we suggest you visit Grammar Girl! Grammar Girl is fun and interesting. Grammar Girl has podcasts about grammar you can listen to. Grammar Girl is like that cool, hip friend explaining all of these confusing grammar rules to you in an easy to understand, bite size way.
Learn about grammar here

English – Grammar

English Club Grammar
At this site you’ll find great grammar tips especially for the ESL (English as a Second Language) student. Whether you are learning or teaching English, this is a very useful site as you can discover all about English grammar. Our favorite are the “hot links” to popular grammar information such as verbs, passive voice, conditionals, irregular verbs and more.
Learn about grammar here

Grammar Bytes! Grammar Instruction with Attitude

Grammar Bytes
Now right from the start you know this is a different website about grammar. Grammar Bytes! is fun, fresh and original. You’ll find all of the basic and advanced information about grammar that can help you improve your skills. Get useful handouts to use in your class or to self-test. Read about grammar terms; try their grammar exercises and more. At this site you’ll actually have fun learning all about grammar.
Learn about grammar here

Okay, I’ll admit it: is one of my favorite grammar sites. You’ll find tons of exercises and quizzes here. Actually 440 lessons – a lot of information about grammar. Read the first page of the site to understand which lessons cover what grammar topics. DailyGrammar is a site ideal for many users and different age ranges. It used to be a daily e-mail site but now all of the lessons are available on the web, very convenient for self study.
Learn about grammar here

OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab

OWL Purdue
This is an excellent site on the ‘net for grammar and actually the OWL site is well known for helping students and others improve their writing and study skills. You’ll learn all about grammar at this OWL site dedicated to grammar. The OWL sites are run by Purdue University, The Writing Lab and The OWL at Purdue. Lots of great information here about grammar.
Learn about grammar here

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