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Friday, February 11, 2011

Best Natural Home Cleaning Sites

Today many families prefer to use natural cleaners. Did you know before there were natural cleaners available in the stores…people would actually make their own cleaning products? Making your own natural cleaning products is not difficult for the most part – if you can follow a cooking recipe then you can easily follow a natural household cleaning recipe.
Some prefer natural household cleaners because they save money. Others prefer them because they have full control over the ingredients put into the cleaning products used in their homes. Whatever your reasons, there are some great sites out there offering natural household cleaning products. You can have natural household cleaning product recipes right at your fingertips to clean the kitchen, bathroom, living room and just about every other part of your home!
Here are some of our favorite natural home cleaning sites. Happy cleaning! Alternative Medicine – Natural Household Cleaning Products

Natural Household Cleaners Aboutcom
At this site you’ll find several easy to make natural household cleaning product recipes. Make your own oven cleaner, glass cleaner, microwave cleaner and bathtub and shower cleaner. There are links to make other kitchen and bathroom cleaners. A very useful site offering tips on how to make, use and store natural household cleaners.
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Natural Healthy Home Cleaning Tips

Natural Healthy Home Cleaning Tips
This site is not the most fancy we’ve seen, but give them a chance! They’ve got great information here – from natural household cleaner recipes and lots of tips on how to clean your home naturally. A wide variety of natural household cleaner recipes ideal for different purposes in your home. There are tips for cleaning with baking soda, vinegar and even essential oils.
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Aboutcom Housekeeping
This is a single article at the Housekeeping site for but it is valuable information. Discover how you can clean your home with natural products you probably already have on hand: baking soda, lemon and vinegar. Guide Sarah Aguirre gives examples and tips on how to use these natural ingredients to easily clean your home and make everything sparkle!
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This is a great site because they explain the many reasons someone would want to use natural household cleaning products. Greenfootsteps gives recipes and tips on how to clean your home naturally. Sign up for their “Footprints” e-zine. You can add your natural household cleaning tips to the site too.
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Dr. Weil’s Healthy Home – Natural Household Cleaning Products

Dr Weil Healthy Home
At Dr. Weil’s site you’ll find great information about natural house cleaning. Here you’ll see tips on how to use natural, everyday products you probably have in your kitchen cupboards to help clean your home. Not all recipes here per se, some simply suggest using the ingredient – but certainly enough information to get you started. Many appreciate and enjoy Dr. Weil as a holistic and spiritual expert.
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66 All-Natural Cleaning Solutions MSN Lifestyle

66 All Natural Cleaning Solutions
This is a very detailed section on natural household cleaning. Get great tips on how to use natural products and ingredients to clean your home. My favorite thing about this section? It is organized by the natural product/ingredient so you can easily see what and how it will clean. This gives you a great idea of just how many things you can clean with a lemon or essential oils or other natural ingredients. Very practical…and natural!
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