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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Best Elvis Sites

Who doesn’t love “the King”? It’s an easy question: Elvis is one of the most beloved rock and roll musicians of all time. Because of Elvis we have great tunes like Blue Suede Shoes, Hound Dog and Heartbreak Hotel. Many remember Elvis’ favorite snack, the peanut butter and banana sandwich – some say this was deep fried.
Add a little Elvis to your day by visiting some of the best Elvis sites out there. There are lots to choose from but here are our favorites. Say “Hello!” to “the King” baby!

Elvis Presley Official Web Site

At the Elvis Presley Official Web Site you can learn all about Graceland, Elvis’ home and how you can visit and tour this beautiful home. There is an online shop filled with Elvis themed souvenirs any Elvis fan will adore. Discover to-the-moment Elvis news and updates. Find Elvis Photos, Videos and Downloads – all ideal to keep your enthusiasm for “the King” in high momentum. A fun way to visit Graceland virtually or to plan your actual visit there.
Learn about Elvis here

Elvis Presley at Wikipedia

Elvis Presley Wikipedia
You’ll learn a lot about Elvis Presley at Wikipedia. Get the facts about his music and film career. Discover how he first got his start and how successful his music and film career has been. A lot of information about his musical style and the influences and vocal style Elvis was known for. This is a very detailed article any Elvis fan will appreciate. A great  introduction to Elvis if you are new to learning about him or quite useful in understanding his biography and history.
Learn about Elvis here

The Original (Unofficial) Elvis Home Page

The Unofficial Elvis Home Page
What this website lacks in graphic design and “eye appeal” – they make up with great enthusiasm and lots of terrific Elvis facts. So give them a chance folks! At this site you can learn all about The Graceland Tour and see photos from Elvis fans who have taken it. Connect and make an Elvis Pen Pal to talk about your favorite songs and movies featuring “the King.” Read all of the great Elvis Lyrics. You’ll even find Elvis’ Last Will and Testament at this site.
Learn about Elvis here

Elvis Presley – AOL Music

Elvis Presley - AOL Music
At AOL Music you’ll find lots of great information about Elvis Presley. From a bio of Elvis to videos and pictures of “the King.” Real time music news about Elvis also listed at this site. Lyrics to all of the great Elvis songs can be found here. The perfect site for the enthusiastic Elvis fan. You can easily follow Elvis’ career right from the start all the way to his great successes.
Learn about Elvis here

Elvis Presley – Rhapsody Music

Elvis Presley - Rhapsody Music
At Rhapsody Music you can listen to all the great Elvis songs you want – for free! Now this is a site that Elvis fans are going to want to know about. Find all of your favorite Elvis songs – from the very popular Elvis songs everyone knows like Blue Suede Shoes to some of his earlier songs. No matter your favorite Elvis song, there’s a strong chance they’ll have it here. A great place to enjoy Elvis’ music.
Learn about Elvis here

Elvis Presley –

Elvis Presley Biographycom
This site at tells you all about “the King” from his childhood to his start at stardom. True Elvis fans will be excited to learn about Elvis and how he grew up and became the successful musician that he was. A great site to discover more about Elvis. even has videos about Elvis Presley across the years. You can also read the biographies of related people such as Lisa Marie Presley.
Learn about Elvis here


Now this is a unique site Elvis fans won’t want to miss. Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi and this site is all about the church where Elvis first began singing Gospel Music. You can learn about taking a tour of the church and their events. The true Elvis fan will certainly want to learn more about where Elvis got his start singing!
Learn about Elvis here

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