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Friday, February 11, 2011

Best Sites for Microsoft Excel Tips

Microsoft Excel isn’t just for numbers people anymore.  You can use it for all sorts of things.  And, if you have to use Excel at work, a lot of times there is a pretty steep learning curve.  There might not be a lot of training provided on the job, and you might not have the time or the money to go take a class to get up to speed.
Luckily, there are some websites out there that are simply loaded with great tips on Microsoft Excel, and they offer their tips and tricks for free.

Excel Tip

Excel Tip
This site contains tips, tutorials, and additional resources – all for many different versions of Excel.  The website was founded by Joseph Rubin in 2003, and his site gets over eight million hits per month.  Rubin himself is a CPA, and he learned all of his tricks in practice, which is the best way to learn, and subsequently the best way to teach.
>>Excel Tip –

Data Pig

Data Pig
Mike Alexander founded DataPig Technologies in 2004 and actually provides training to people within businesses as well as providing super tips on his website.  You can post questions in one of his forums, or you can check out some of the free webinars to hone your Excel skills.
>>DataPig –

Andrew’s Excel Tips

Andrews Excel Tips
Andrew Engwirda is a self-proclaimed “incurable Excel addict.”  His site shows you how to do formulas, and shows you shortcuts to formulas as well.  He also has a wide range of Excel tips that run the full gamut of the software’s capabilities.  He also provides a bunch of free downloads for you to save on your computer and access at any time.
>>Andrew’s Excel Tips –

Mr. Excel

Mr Excel
Mr. Excel is the leader of a community of Excel users who provide tips and solutions to every aspect of Excel.  He also provides consulting services (for a fee) if you get really stuck.  He also has an Excel Challenge of the Month where you can win a prize.  Nothing like incentives for learning new skills!
>>Mr. Excel –


Chandoo wants to “make you awesome in excel and charting.”  He started his blog in 2007 (and the website in 2004) and has over 350 articles on Excel.  He also has a downloads section, and has a whole section on project management.  He has a store where you can purchase templates, e books, and other tools, and he runs his own business.
>>Chandoo –

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