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Friday, February 11, 2011

Best Sites For Free Wallpapers

Many of us spend a lot of hours every single day staring at our computer screens.  We flip back and forth between browser windows, we open documents, spreadsheets, and lots of other stuff, and every now and then we catch a glimpse of our desktop.  For some, it’s fine to have the Windows standard tulips, boxes, or Stonehenge desktop.  For others, it’s essential to have something new and fun to look at as a brief window in between those windows that are filled with work.  Here are some places where you can download free wallpaper.

Digital Desktop Wallpaper

Digital Desktop Desktop
This site offers a number of free wallpapers that you can download in a variety of sizes.  Their categories are mostly the standard – animals, scenery, flowers, etc.  and the website looks a little shady with links that look like they might spin you into some sort of free wallpaper spamornator, but I could just be paranoid.
>>Digital Desktop Wallpaper –


Customize dot org Desktop
This site has been around since 1998, which is why it is able to offer so many cool free desktop themes and wallpapers.  Because the 100,000 plus members supply the content.  How cool is that?  You can join the community and contribute, or just take advantage of the creative minds of some of the members.  The site is well-organized and not very scary at all.
>>Customize –

Interface Lift

Interfacelift Desktop
This site offers 2250 free desktop wallpapers, as well as lots of themes, icons, apps, and more.  They also have a groovy bulk download service so you can just have the whole kit and kaboodle, should you choose to do so.  There are some very cool scenery-type wallpapers, as well as some nature-related, abstracty looking ones.
>>InterfaceLIFT –

Pixel Girl

Pixie Girl Press Desktop
Shana Victor created this site in 2000, and I’d venture to guess its success has been completely mind-blowing.  With user-submitted content and downloads, her site offers offbeat and original wallpapers, themes, and icons for Mac and Windows, and this is is where I personally get my desktop wallpaper.
>>Pixel Girl –

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