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Friday, February 11, 2011

Top 10 Worst National Anthem Performances Ever

2011′s Superbowl – Superbowl XLV – gave us a harsh reminder of just how bad a national anthem performance can be. Thank you Christina Aguilera.  Sure, it’s a difficult song to sing.  And, yes, it has a lot of words to remember.  But it is the National Anthem and it is on the biggest stage in the world. Take the time to rehears, practice and get it right.  Here are the Top 10 Worst National Anthem performances.

10. Christina Aguilera – XLV Superbowl

Wow, this is almost unbelievable. But aside from frogetting the lyrics she also change the song. It was hardly recognizable. Long self-indulgent runs?  Check.  Forgetting lyrics?  Check and check.
Here are some of my favorite YouTube comments:
“I’m German – and I know the words better than she does.” – jimixdnb
“Dumbass.” – javeav
“That isn’t Christina Aguilera, that’s Cyndi Lauper.” – Deundertow

9. Michael Bolton – 2003 ALCS @ Fenway

The echo is terrible, but that’s the sound person’s fault, not Michael Bolton‘s.  Still, he does forget the words, but at least he had the foresight to write them on his hand.  Good thing his hands weren’t sweaty.
Favorite YouTube comments:
“lol at the guard cracking up.”  josiahVEVO
“i celebrate the man’s entire catalog.” – Ej205scoob

8. Josh Groban and Flea – BCS Championship Game

He might not be your cup of tea, but Groban has a good voice.  HOWEVER, paired with Flea and an entire band in the background, this performance came off as disjointed, disturbing, and confusing.  Cool pyrotechnics, though.
Favorite YouTube comments:
“gotta love that music brings together any kind of genres…flea and opera boy…love it!” – MsEmployeeoftheMonth
“I think they should of kept it to JG and Flea.  That high school special ed band was terrible.” – nastynewt420
“My ears hate me for listening to this.” – snorkel23fan

7. Steven Tyler – Indianapolis 500

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith (and most recently, American Idol) has a great screamy kind of voice.  Is it suited for the national anthem?  Maybe not.  He does change the words up, and even before he does that he flubs them a little as well.
Let’s see what the YouTubers had to say.
“Steven sounded like his great self!  WTF are people talking about…who cares if a word or two was changed.” – Lindugh
well, a lot of people actually care if the words are changed…
“I would’ve been okay with it had “Indianapolis 500″ fit, but it didn’t, so minus 1 man point for Steven Tyler, although he already has 1,204,582 man points.”
Make that 1,204,581, actually…

6. Scott Stapp – Ford 400

Not everyone is a Creed fan.  Even if you are a Creed fan, I don’t know how you could think this performance is good.  Stapp did perform later events and did better, but this one is pretty bad.
What some YouTubers had to say.
“He sounds like he’s constipated.” – ernest alba
“This is pretty bad…not that anyone watches nascar anyway.” – T Egnoto89

5.  Kat Deluna – 2008 Dallas Cowboys Game

Who has heard of Kat Deluna?  Not I, said me.  However, research shows that this flub of the national anthem did damage to her career.  Shame.
Over to YouTube:
“Kat Deluna is liking her video under 194 screen names.” – Yaotao
“I like this video for pitiness.” – genieofmusic

4. Hockey Girl – Somewhere in Ontario

Why are they even singing the American national anthem at a Canadian hockey game?  Anyway, this girl completely forgets the words, forgets them again, goes back to get a printout of the words, and falls on her face on the way back.  Epic fail.
Best of Youtube:
“She came back because she forgot to fall down.” – chiczken55
“Play her off – keyboard cat!” – toozinho

3.  Roseanne Barr – Jack Murphy Stadium 1990

I simply didn’t see the sense in posting the entire sad video.  Barr caught a lot of flack for this.  She said she wasn’t trying to be disrespectful – she started off on the wrong key and tried to make the most of it.  It didn’t work out too well for her.
Youtube comments:
“at least she got all the words right.” – lavygirl1
“well, that was really quite bad.” – caflagel

2.  Carl Lewis – 1993

The guy’s a runner, not a singer, right?  Turns out singing wasn’t some hidden talent.  Nor was lyric memorization.  Zounds.
YouTube comments:
“haha this is why I love youtube so much hahaha.” – katnvyvd
“uh OH.” – Blackmilitant421
“um, no he didn’t.” – cliffFLIPINobozeman

1.  Chattanooga – Event Unknown

Sheesh.  Did this guy lose a bet?  There is nothing good about this performance, unless you count the amount of spectators fighting to keep a straight face.  I feel bad for the guy, but it’s such a bad performance it rates the number one spot.

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