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Friday, February 11, 2011

Best Donut Recipes and Best Sites to Buy Donuts

Hey! Want a donut? We’re sure you do. Donuts are one of the most beloved snacks or on-the-go breakfast treats around. Just about everyone has a favorite donut, where it is a jelly donut, donut stick, chocolate frosted donut or the classic glazed donut. Every donut it seems is yummy and delicious. Here are some of the best donut sites to bring that yummyness and deliciousness just a bit closer to you. You can order donuts online or make your own donuts quickly and easily. Mmmmmm……donuts! What could be better? We thought you’d agree!


It’s easy to see why Krispy Kreme is one of the most popular donuts around. Their site is really cute, with a 1950’s drive in theme. Don’t have a Krispy Kreme near you? You can shop online, bringing their yummy donuts right to your breakfast table easily. A fun donut site for anyone who loves donuts.
Find yummy donuts here

Dunkin Donuts

This is a great site for donut lovers. Dunkin Donuts is popular not just for donuts, but also for their great coffee. Learn about all of their donuts and varieties of coffee at their site. Nutritional information is listed here – as well as a great selection of healthy choices for your breakfast, lunch or next snack. Online shopping and gift cards are also available.
Find yummy donuts here

Voodoo Donut

Now this is what we call taking donuts to the extreme. Yummy, colorful and with unique ingredients. Voodoo Donut has lots of great donuts for you to try. Their classic Voodoo Donut is chocolate covered and looks like a (very cute!) voodoo doll you can gobble up. A Double Bubble donut has a piece of bubble gum. This is one of the most creative and colorful sites we’ve seen. Located in Portland, Oregon – this donut shop is tempting enough to encourage a trip to that area!
Find yummy donuts here

AllRecipes – Donuts

Find 40 or more donut recipes at this site. There’s something to please everyone. Recipes are also rated, so you can read what cooks just like you have thought about these donuts. From classic donuts to fresh original types of donuts, you’ll find yummy, delicious donuts here perfect for treating your family or ideal for snacking.
Find yummy donuts here

Country Living – Donut Recipes

You can count on Country Living magazine to offer great donut recipes. You’ll find ten delicious donut recipes here, a great variety of yummy donuts perfect for that family brunch or just to enjoy anytime. County Living’s donut recipes have homemade appeal – the perfect sweet comfort food you’d enjoy with loved ones or to treat yourself. What makes this even more fun is you’ll view the recipes and donuts through a unique slideshow.
Find yummy donuts here

Celiac – Donut Recipes

Looking for gluten free donuts? Here are some great gluten free donut recipes to enjoy. Many people prefer to eat gluten free and you can still have donuts while remaining gluten free. A great selection of donut recipes for the gluten free diet. Our favorite thing? These recipes are easy and convenient to make. You’ll have gluten free donuts to enjoy soon!

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