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Friday, February 11, 2011

Best Vacation Saving Travel Websites

10 Summer Vacation Saving Travel Sites Getting out of Dodge? Whether taking that annual trip to visit Grandma or visiting a cool theme park, that summer vacation is something special no one wants to miss. But a summer vacation takes some planning.
There are some great bargains to be had when it comes to travel – if you know where to look. There are also some cool places to stay and visit – again if you know how to find them. That’s where knowing the 10 best travel sites comes in really handy. You’re so lucky we’re letting you in that one now!


Get great deals on airline tickets, hotels and car rental. Everything you need for your summer vacation in one place.  They have a rewards program called ThankYou Network.  Not all Expedia travel is eligible to receive ThankYou points, but most is.  You can redeem your points for discounts on airfare, hotel, or rental car.  If you don’t want to spend them on travel, there are bunches of gift cards, home appliances, jewelry, and more to choose from, or you can donate your points to charity.
>> travel savings at Expedia


At this site you’ll find airline tickets, hotels, flights and car rentals all on special deals. It’s so convenient to find it all in one location.  Plus, they have the cutest spokesman ever – that little gnome guy.  How cute is he, seriously?  You can track deals on travel with their FareWatcher Plus system, and you can read reviews of hotels written by other travelers.  To get rewards, you have to sign up for a Travelocity Rewards American Express Card.
>> special deals at Travelocity


Trip Advisor
Here at TripAdvisor you’ll find hotel and travel reviews. Learn about where you want to go – before you actually go!  The self-proclaimed “most trusted” travel site, TripAdvisor isn’t just a place to book your travel – it’s where you go BEFORE you book your travel so that you know you book the RIGHT travel.  Millions of people are members, so you’re sure to get the full gamut of opinion on anything you’re looking for.
>> hotel and travel reviews at Trip Advisor


At Orbitz you’ll find vacation packages, hotels, flights, car rental, trains, cruises, fun activities and special deals only at Orbitz. They are the self-proclaimed “leading global online travel company” and have a slew of sub brands that help to amp up user experience (and, to be honest, sort of complicate things a bit).  They’ve got CheapTickets, eBookers, HotelClub, RatesToGo,, and Asia-Hotels.  They are environmentally conscious, so that’s a good thing, and their website is, despite all the different brands, pretty easy to use.
>>vacation packages at Orbitz


KayakThis site searches over 200 online sources to find you the most competitive price for that airline ticket. A great way to find a bargain on your airfare.  Kayak doesn’t actually sell anything, they just let you search all the other travel sites at once so you can find the best deal – you can compare options, see the differences in price some sites charge for one thing, and make the most educated decision possible.  I bet the other guys hate these guys.
>>competitive airline prices at Kayak


You’ll find great bargains especially at luxury hotels. The only challenge? Often you don’t know exactly which hotel you are bidding on – taking a chance of where you’ll be staying.  But does it really matter when William Shatner is the spokesperson?  Well, yeah it does.  But how cool are those Priceline commercials?
>>bid on bargains at Priceline

Bed and Breakfast

bed and breakfast
Find a bed and breakfast searching this site, even whether they have a fireplace or other cozy amenities you’d hope to find at your favorite b&b.  Many B & B places don’t get listed on some of the bigger travel sites, so this site is definitely worth a look.
>>find at bed and breakfast at BedandBreakfast


Find a great deal on a rental car from seven different popular rental car companies. A great way to find a rental car for that family vacation or other trip you plan to take.  Hotwire says they have special relationships with travel providers, so that they can give you the very best deal of anyone.  No bids, just low prices.  Nice.
>>find a great deal at Hotwire


Now this is a hot new tool for you iPhone users! Drag and drop things from travel sites and create your own travel guide for your smart phone. It really is that easy!  Finally, they have an AP for that!
>>use your iPhone to create your travel itinerary at Gliider

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