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Friday, February 11, 2011

Best Church Web Site Templates

Today many churches have websites. It’s a convenient way to let congregation members know when services and special events will be held. Or to post pictures of mission trips or annual events celebrated at the church. Your church website can give new and potential members a sense of what the church is like.
Here are some great church web site templates for you. Some are paid services and others are free. One even offers resources to completely set up your church website for less than $100 – ideal for many churches on a budget! So if you’d like to create a church website, here are the best of the best sites for you offering great church web site templates and more.

Christian Templates Online

This is a paid template site and you’ll find professional looking church templates here. Whether you are looking for something contemporary, classic, traditional or a church website template that will stand out from the crowd you’ll find it here. Preview the templates in full view so you can get a sense of what they look like. Two column and three column templates.
Find church web site templates here

Discount Church Websites

Now these aren’t listed as templates but basically they are – which is why we included them. What you purchase is a blank website to fill with your own information with hosting included. They have great looking templates to choose from. This is a convenient choice for the church that prefers a one stop solution for their web needs. When you purchase or get a free template you would then need to buy web hosting. Choosing a website service such as this is an alternative, ideal for those who are new to the Internet or don’t like doing “techy” things. Comes with a 30 day free trial.
Find church web site templates here

Magic Template – free Christian church website templates

Here is a collection of free Christian church website templates. Finding a free website template is ideal for many and this collection is very attractive and has a nice variety which will please lots of churches. There are both 2 and 3 column choices, as some prefer one or the other. You can preview the templates in full view before you download them, a great convenience for anyone trying to build a church website.
Find church web site templates here

Wyoming Web Design

You’ll find a great selection of paid church web site templates here. Nine pages of templates to review. There are church web site templates for every church’s preference – from classic, modern and traditional. Two and three column church web site templates are available. Many of these templates are very visual, with great graphics and the ability to add photos – perfect for your church’s fellowship and activities.
Find church web site templates here


We included this selection of church web site templates because they looked different from what we have seen. These have a quieter tone to them and might even be ideal for that church who says, “We don’t know if we want a web site.” Colors are classic or soft and muted. Images are very classic and traditional. There is great variety in their collection in that you aren’t viewing the same type of template over and over.
Find church web site templates here

Free Church Web Designs

This is a great site, for many churches you could say it is a “must visit.” Started by a member and volunteer of a small church, you’ll find many great resources to create your low budget church website. These resources include a collection of church web site templates. But that’s not all you’ll find here! Visit and see her great tips on setting up your church website and suggestions for how to keep it running smoothly.
Find church web site templates here

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