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Friday, February 11, 2011

Best Sites to Buy Gifts for Coworkers

As the holiday season approaches, our to-do lists are getting longer, our time is getting shorter, and our bank account balances are getting smaller.  In the current economy, many people will be cutting back on the amount of people they buy gifts for, some even skipping family members in favor of drawing names.  Even if that is the case, every now and then there is a special coworker who you either like a whole bunch, or who always gets you a gift, so you feel obliged to reciprocate.  Here are some sites with great ideas when buying gifts for coworkers or employee gifts in general.

Red Envelope

RedEnvelopeTruth be told, I would recommend Red Envelope for ALL your gift needs.  I mean, not ALL of them, but you could buy gifts for your spouse, kids, parents, friends, and coworkers on this site.  Everything from sentimental (christening blankets), to funny (beer holster) and everything in between can be found on this site.  For co-worker gifts, check out the plants (great for desks), and check out the “business gifts” sections.
>>Red Envelope –

Dean and Deluca

Dean and Deluca
Dean & Deluca is legendary.  What you might not have known is that they actually have an “office gifts” section that offers a wide range of price ranges, flavors, and tastes.  Plus, with the Dean & Deluca label, your office mate will feel spoiled.
>>Dean & Deluca –

The Pashmina Store

The Pashmina Store
For that office friend who is always cold, The Pashmina Store is a great place to shop.  They offer pretty colors of quality-made pashminas at excellent prices.
The Pashmina Store Product>>The Pashmina Store –

Regal Movie Theaters

Regal Entertainment GroupFor that movie-loving coworker, why not gift certificates to the movies?  Movies are a luxury that many people have cut out of their budget, and even if the person doesn’t choose to use them, the gift certificate is a dreamy re-gift item. Movie tickets are a very safe choice for an employee gift.
>>Regal Cinemas –


For the coworker who brown-bags it every day, get him or her a BUILT neoprene lunch bag.  They are machine washable, and they come in a variety of colors and designs, so nobody will mistake your buddy’s lunch for theirs. If they eat lunch at the desk as many office workers do, this is a sensible idea for a coworker gift.
Lunch Tote by BuiltThis company also offers laptop cases, netbook cases, camera cases, and more, so if your coworker is a habitual carry-out fan, you can still find something uber cool on this website.
>>Built -
So whether you are buying a birthday gift for a coworker or shopping for a Christmas gift for a coworker we hope we have save you some time and frustration.

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