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Friday, February 11, 2011

Best Advertising and Marketing News and Information Sites

I’m consistently surprised at the amount of people in the U.S. who have either studied marketing in college, or had jobs in marketing departments of companies.  Marketing is a big deal.  If you have a company, you have to market it.  If you work for a company, odds are they want to market it, and they want you to know how – or at least understand how.

Advertising Age

Advertising Age
Not only is it a website, it’s a printed weekly that has been around since 1930.  In addition to getting the printed weekly, you can also sign up for a number of digital newsletters to keep you in the know.  Advertising Age, the website, offers advertising news, weekly columns, blogs, white papers, and more.  The layout is easy to navigate and the content is solid.
>>Advertising News –


Advertising and marketing are sort of sisters, or close cousins.  Adweek is totally devoted to advertising, but even marketing professionals can learn a thing or two from it.  Published first in 1978, Adweek talks about new campaigns, relationships between clients and agencies, and Internet advertising.  It is the second-biggest trade publication in advertising, beat out by Advertising Age, which we already told you about.
>>Adweek –

Brand Packaging

Brand Packaging
OK, so this site is mainly about packaging, but the site is so pretty!  And, this is about best websites overall, so bear with me.  You can learn a lot about a brand by the way it packages itself, and you can learn a lot about marketing from learning how successful companies market their brand.  So see?  There’s a connection.
>>Brand Packaging –


Brandweek is a sister site to Adweek, and it covers marketing campaigns the world over.  It is one of the most educational publications on marketing you can read.  It prints 46 issues per year and keeps the website updated constantly.  You can also subscribe to a number of different newsletters.
>>Marketing Trade Publication –


A brainchild of Haymarket Media, DMNews (short for Direct Marketing News) aims to report on marketing trends and technologies, employing a team of professional journalists and utilizing contributions from industry specialists.  The print version is ginormous, so you might want to stick with the online version, though you might like ginormous print magazines.  If so, go for it.
>>Ginormous Print Version –

Marketing Today

Marketing Today
Peter DeLegge Consulting runs this website, which is an absolute wealth of knowledge and information.  DeLegge himself has an illustrious history in the marketing world, including serving in a marketing capacity to companies like Motorola and Aon.  He started this website with a focus on marketing from the marketing professional’s perspective.  Seth Godin has contributed to the website, and has openly praised the site.  It ain’t all that pretty, but boy, is it good.
>>Great Marketing Insight –

Marketing Vox

Marketing Vox
It’s hip-looking, and employs the word “Vox” for “voice” which is very edgy, yes?  The site is owned by Watershed Publishing, a Vermont company that does quite a few other publications, like,,, and more.  They are all good sites.  Plus, you know Vermont people.  They’re just sort of cool, aren’t they?  And this company?  Watershed Media?  Sort of dreamy.  Check them out.
>>Very Cool Marketing Publication –

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